Illuminate Your Commercial Building

Illuminate Your Commercial Building

Plan your commercial lighting installation in Iota, LA

No commercial building is complete without proper lighting. You can trust DML Electrical Service, LLC to perform the commercial lighting installation for your construction project. We work with quality materials and equipment when installing new lighting.

Lighting isn't all we do. You can count on us to perform electrical wiring and construction from the ground up for:

Office buildings
Small clinics
Doctors' offices
Municipal buildings

Contact us today to schedule a commercial lighting installation in Iota, LA.

Say goodbye to the outdated lighting fixtures in your building

Upgrade your business with a commercial lighting retrofit. We can get rid of your old lighting fixtures and install more modern, energy-efficient replacements. You'll be able to shrink your electricity bill and brighten your space at the same time. Get LED lights in your building for their efficiency and appearance.

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